Dental Treatment Costs at Blue Cross Dental Care, Watford

The fees charged for private treatments are based on the materials used and our expertise in performing your treatment.

Procedure Cost
New Patient Consultation (16 yrs +) £50.00
(includes teeth and gum assessment, review of medical and dental history and a full treatment plan undertaken, excludes radiographs)
New Patient (Child Consultation 4-16 yrs) £30.00
Small radiographs £15.00 each
OPG x-rays £60.00
CBCT scan from £250.00
Hygienist Services (Scale and Polish) from £70.00
Hygienist Services (EMS Airflow - Guided Biofilm Therapy) from £150.00
Routine Checkup (Ongoing) from £50.00
White (tooth Coloured) fillings from £150.00
Inlays / Onlays from £650.00
Crowns from £750.00
Porcelain Veneers from £850.00
Gum Treatment from £265.00
Tooth whitening from £350.00
Dental Implant Consultation (refundable against implant treatment) £150.00
Dental Implant Placement (Surgical) from £1,500.00
Dental Implant Crown (Prosthetic) from £1,300.00
Invisalign Orthodontic Assessment £50.00
IV Sedation from £550.00

Updated as of 12/02/2024.