Teeth Whitening at Blue Cross Dental Care, Watford

Everyday use of coffee, tea, red wine and staining foods can darken and stain teeth. Here at Blue Cross Dental Care we have the perfect solutions to give you a brighter, confident white smile.

Teeth whitening procedures can help:

  • Lighten coffee stained teeth
  • Remove cigarette discolouration
  • Correct yellowing in the teeth due to ageing
Zoom Whitening in Watford

Zoom Tooth Whitening

We use the world famous Zoom® professional teeth whitening system as featured on TV's extreme makeover; Using this chairside technology we can make your teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour, the procedure is very simple, safe, effective and fast. It is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. This procedure is also often called laser teeth whitening.

To compliment our in-surgery chairside whitening we also offer a Zoom home whitening kit (Nite White and Day White) with custom made trays to give you a more gradual, longer lasting white smile.

Frequently Asked Questions