Dental Hygiene at Blue Cross Dental Care, Watford

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Regular professional cleaning (scaling and polishing) combined with your home care will help keep your mouth healthy. Our Watford dental hygienist is specially trained to remove the deposits (tartar) that build-up on the teeth, the hygienist will also teach you how to prevent it reforming again, this helps to slow down the progress of gum disease. The hygienist will also discuss your diet and recommend other preventive measures to help slow down or prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Children can also benefit from having their teeth scaled and polished, the hygienist will re-educate patients reagrding the use of toothbrushes, electronic aids, dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

Plaque, tartar and surface stains are removed by gentle scrapping and polishing with prophylactic pastes.

We can offer you a specific oral hygiene programme to suit your individual needs.

FAQS for Dental Hygiene